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Responsive Response

A few weeks ago when I was in an interview for my new job, I was asked whether I looked at myself as more of a designer or more of a programmer. When I was asked this the person brought up that they believed that design is a right brained work environment while programming is more left brained and logical. This question has been sitting with me for the past few weeks quietly percolating.

Search Engine - Out of Gas

I have worked for companies that believe that I take an incorrect approach to SEO when working on websites, and proper SEO technique is an argument that I have over and over again while working with clients. While there are several things that you can do which will undoubtedly boost your ranking with google, bing, and other engines the best thing you can possibly do is to create valuable reader friendly content.

Loco Local

I spent the past two weeks working on creating a localized version of our website at work. I know, it shouldn't take nearly that long, but it sure did. I had problem after problem and I swear I almost gave up on the stupid thing. But there is no better teaching method than just throwing someone in the water and hoping they figure out how to swim. (Really, they do it to babies all the time...)

Sandbox or Giant Litterbox?

I was doing so good with abstaining from wasting my time on this site, and then I fell off the bandwagon and here I am again, blogging about nothing important and messing with drupal modules and coding. Mostly this is because there was a bit of a shift at work and I have been doing a bit more coding than I used to. I missed coding, as much as that seems silly to me in a way, cause when I'm working on it, it makes me want to scream.

GIT Outta Here!

I've been reading up on version control and GIT repositories for my job, and I think somewhere my brain is starting to fry from all of the different computer languages I have had to learn throughout the years. I'm thankful that I started out on computers back when DOS was around so I am familiar with command line work. I've also worked with terminal, putty, etc. However, I find myself wondering why it is that so many people work with the command line still.

Trade Ya.

Our company is working with a very outdated image for our tradeshow banner and we have been looking into creating an actual booth that we can use instead. Our current booth encompasses two tables with two different coloured table cloths, stacks of products, and a 3x5 banner which we hang from the pole behind our area. It makes me cringe thinking about it.

We decided to go with Brandstand's waveline and podium conversion kit. We also purchased a shelf tower for product display completely removing the need for tables. I have built several proposals for the booth graphics, and these are two of my favourites. The graphics have been imposed over the catalog images of the display and the shelf system in order to give a better idea of what the final product will be.

Meet the New Extreme

I'm working on creating a brochure and a webpage for the new iridium extreme satellite phone. With iridium's release of the extreme they highlighted several new features of the phone and used icons to denote those features on their website and pamphlets. I was charged with creating our own icons for those features.

Voice, SMS, Distress Beacon, Tracking, GPS, Data Tethering, Jet Water Resistant, Dust Proof, and Shock Resistant.

Along with that, I created a banner for the top of the website emulating iridium's diamond plate images they are using in their marketing.


Icons have recently made their way into my current employer's sights. He has decided that a picture really is worth 1,000 words and he has had me creating different icon sets. A lot of the smaller things that I do never make it into my gallery, so I'm posting this on my blog so you can see what I did all day yesterday.

Set number 1 is land/sea/air. It goes with our BGAN terminals, since you can use them land sea or air supposedly. I didn't think you could use BGAN in the air. Maybe he's just saying that you can use satellite communications, or the Inmarsat network, in the air. Either way, here's land/sea/air:

Along with that, I also created icons for our value added Services. The creatively named: SPS Bill, SPS Mail, SPS Track, and SPS Repair.


I am an avid scrabble player, a fan of bookworm by popcap, a crossword puzzler, a reader, and I play words with friends when I can't get any of my other fixes. I know off the top of my head that there are no 2 letter words containing the letter C. I know words like qat, qi, burqa, faqir, qanat, and quite a few other words to get rid of pesky Q's Z's and X's (I should point out that firefox thinks I misspelled all of the previous words in that list xD)

I once scrabbled with the word quixote over a triple word score. My opponent quit the game.

With my love of art and my love of words, I find that it was only a matter of time before I fell into the middle ground between the two.

Typography, you are my friend.

Stroke of Genius

I just wanted to share this article about the variable width strokes in Illustrator CS5 because the author says everything that I possibly could have about how amazing this tool is. I have been loving this ability ever since it came out, and more and more I'm finding that it helps speed up the ability to make patterns and images by an incredible amount. If you haven't messed with this tool yet and you have CS5 you should definitely check it out.

Design Shack - Variable Width Strokes

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