Sandbox or Giant Litterbox?

I was doing so good with abstaining from wasting my time on this site, and then I fell off the bandwagon and here I am again, blogging about nothing important and messing with drupal modules and coding. Mostly this is because there was a bit of a shift at work and I have been doing a bit more coding than I used to. I missed coding, as much as that seems silly to me in a way, cause when I'm working on it, it makes me want to scream. However, now that I'm sitting here alone in my house and it is hailing outside so I can't leave, I find myself thinking "Maybe now is a good time to fix my website."

This is where I will take a minute to tell you that I love browser sandboxes. With everything pretty much running in the cloud now anyway, using programs that are loaded out of the cloud is a great way to check how everything is going to look. There are also sites out there that will take a nice snapshot of your website so you can see quickly if your layout is messed up, but these don't help if the issue in the other browser is something like a messed up hover effect. The only true way to test a page is to have that browser opened and pull up the page.

I've known for quite a long time that my website layout has cross browser compatibility issues. I use a browser sandbox to check my coding as I'm working so that I don't have to have a million different browsers and browser versions installed on my computer... This means I have been aware pretty much since the day I launched this site that it doesn't work in IE.

How many times have you heard that? This site doesn't work in IE. I hate IE just because of that. IE is like the bane of a website coder's life because things NEVER work the same in IE as they do in other browsers. This is one reason why I love things like PHP more than I love CSS. If you go into PHP and run a query to your database it is going to run the same no matter what browser you run it in. If you absolutely position a div in CSS in your browser, woe is you if you picked somewhere besides 0 pixels from the top and a the left to position it, because you may have no idea where it will be when you switch browsers.

My menu items float nicely next to each other in every browser but IE where they make a nice pile. I honestly haven't looked at the code in a year, so now I have to go figure out why.