GIT Outta Here!

I've been reading up on version control and GIT repositories for my job, and I think somewhere my brain is starting to fry from all of the different computer languages I have had to learn throughout the years. I'm thankful that I started out on computers back when DOS was around so I am familiar with command line work. I've also worked with terminal, putty, etc. However, I find myself wondering why it is that so many people work with the command line still.

Not that I am knocking working in terminals and stuff, I know it has its place. I know people are used to it, but I was reading an article about GIT and I found myself getting really upset somehow. I can do FTP through putty, I just prefer to use fireFTP (which is powered by putty anyway.) I can write SQL querries, but prefer to use phpMyAdmin. So when reading about GIT my brain just said "Wow, we are way to far along in the computer world to not have GUIs for this stuff." Of course, a quick google search and I found out, yeah, there are GUIs for GIT.

Now I just gotta read up on GIT, GIT Cola, GIT GUI, and more and decide how I want to work, command line or GUI. Leaning towards the latter.