Loco Local

I spent the past two weeks working on creating a localized version of our website at work. I know, it shouldn't take nearly that long, but it sure did. I had problem after problem and I swear I almost gave up on the stupid thing. But there is no better teaching method than just throwing someone in the water and hoping they figure out how to swim. (Really, they do it to babies all the time...)

I picked up a few very handy lessons from this mess. I have installed, configured, and uninstalled XAMPP several times now, giving me a much better knowledge of apache, php, etc. I've been forced to use my good old friend the command line and learned how to install different add-ons to PHP/PEAR/Etc. I had to GREP through some files to figure out where an error was coming from. I had to google, google, and google some more.

Honestly, just to prove I could I set up an XAMPP environment at home the other day with a fresh install of Drupal and it took me almost no time at all... I am now planning on setting up a local install of Wordpress since I've never really messed with WP before and I would like to learn what it's all about. It seems to be all the rage in the blog-o-sphere.

My problems didn't come from being unable to install and set up a LAMP/WAMP/XAMPP environment and get something running on it. My problems came from having to pull half a site from GIT, half a site from other places, set up sym links, and create localized versions of all of the databases used by our production server. I found out that we use a LOT more databases than just the standard drupal databases. WHOA!

I suffered through errors dealing with everything from "whoops you're missing a plugin you need" to "I don't know what you're trying to do, do YOU?!" to "You used localhost rather than and my setup doesn't like that for some unknown reason." In the end, I prevailed.

I feel like I endured a crazy trial by fire, and I survived. Schooling, I am very glad for you, because without all of the classes on this stuff, I would have never been able to muddle my way through. I have learned though, that the quick and simple tasks that they set you to performing in college are nothing compared to what you have to deal with once you start working in the real world.