Search Engine - Out of Gas

I have worked for companies that believe that I take an incorrect approach to SEO when working on websites, and proper SEO technique is an argument that I have over and over again while working with clients. While there are several things that you can do which will undoubtedly boost your ranking with google, bing, and other engines the best thing you can possibly do is to create valuable reader friendly content.

Here is where clients get confused. Valuable 'READER FRIEDNLY' content. When someone who has used computer for awhile but has not worked on websites in the past hears SEO they think "Keyword stuffing" "Keyword Density" or if they have a little more knowledge they're thinking "Meta Tags." But Google is moving past some of these older techniques and even penalizes some of them. Google's algorithm is smart enough to know that your text makes no sense to a customer. If I am selling a Sony PlayStation 3 60GB Console on my website I do not want to use a paragraph like:

Sony Playstation 3 60GB Gaming Console. This Gaming Console is the best Gaming Console you can buy. The Sony Playstation 3 60GB Gaming Console can play games in high definition through the Playstation 3's HDMI port and Sony did a great job creating this gaming console to handle even 3D Graphics. The Sony Playstation 3 also comes with a 60GB Harddrive allowing you to save games or download content directly to your gaming console without the need for a memory card. You can also buy a Sony Playstation Move for your Playstation Gaming Console allowing you to play games using your body as the Playstation controller.

That paragraph hurt me to write it. While you can see the constant repetition of my keywords throughout the paragraph, it is not reader friendly, and in fact the patterns that the repetition creates make it harder to pay attention to. Write your web content like you are talking to your customer:

The Sony Playstation 3 is a next generation gaming console. The system allows for connection to the television using either HDMI or Component connections for a high definition gaming experience. Playstation's library of games is constantly growing and the 60 gig harddrive allows you to download games, movies, photos, and applications for use directly from the console without the need for a memory card. Sony offers a large collection of compatible extras such as the Playstation Move, movie remotes, bluetooth headsets, and more.

I would like to note, that the second paragraph is shorter than the first, however, because of the way it is presented, it carries more relevant content than the original.

When working in SEO I always suggest that the first thing my clients do is post relevant content written in an easy to follow manner without keyword stuffing. I also suggest a blog or company news page which can be used to post more content so that Google sees your site as constantly updating and evolving. These things will help your SEO more than any convoluted page full of keyword stuffing and hard to read descriptions.

The fact is, having a website takes commitment and work. Whether you are putting that work in yourself or hiring someone to do it, know that websites should always be evolving and work to keep your content on subject, helpful, and interesting.